What would you like to eat sir!! Yes there are lots of expectations when we go to any restaurant!!!

Usually  Indians in Australia, may expect  Something different, Something spicy and something that sets their mood in!!!!

Australia is a place where you will have many culture of people settled,!! With it’s warm and healthy climate not only you will see Indians in Australia but there is a wide range of  other culture and countrmen settled here!

As known, Australia is just at the bottom of Asia, and so you can find various Asian restaurants to suit the taste of every need, whether it’s classy Chinese, Japanese. Thai, Korean, Indonesian or Vietnamese.

Whether your taste is for Chinese classics, Japanese joints, Thai temples, Vietnamese venues, Indonesain inglenooks or Korean korners  you can find it all in Sydney, where there are Asian restaurants to suit every taste. From the numerous sushi and sashimi joints to the ever-growing trend towards Korean BBQ, you can find it all to feed your stomach.

So, here we come with a list of some popular  Indian Restaurants that celebrate Asia in Sydney, Australia

Indian Restaurant in Australia

1: Restaurant: Nine Dragons

Place: Haymarket



2: Restaurant: Hello Auntie

Place: Marrickville



3: Restaurant: HaNa Ju-Rin

Place: Crowes Nest



4: Restaurant: Bay Tinh – Marrickville

Place: Marrickville



Restaurant: Seaside Dumplings

Place: Cronulla

Dim Sum


5: Restaurant: Silom Soi Song

Place:  Darlinghurst



6: Restaurant: Chinta Kechil

Place:Double Bay



7: Restaurant: Mr. Nam




8:Restaurant: XI Eleven

Place:Bella Vista

Asian Fusion


9: Restaurant: Mekong

Place: Chippendale



10: Restaurant: Kasalong Thai Cuisine

Place:North Ryde




There are many online Indian Magazines and Newspapers and also some well-known websites and bloggers those who are of great help for navigating and bringing out various cultures in Austrlia as obviously varied culture stay here and so whether its food, culture, people these platforms are of great help in binding people of varied cultures together!! Let us salute their contribution!!