Hospitality business flourishes on two strands, one the unique taste of the food, which should be presented in authentic style. The second one is ambiance of the restaurant. If you desire to taste great food, then you also need a surrounding which should be great as well.

Indians in Melbourne keenly desire to have original and authentic taste of Indian cuisine in Melbourne itself, and that’s been fulfilled by the giant restaurants nowadays available in Melbourne. Indian cuisine is a blend of various flavors which can satisfy the taste buds of a human. As Indian food is cooked by using different spices and those spices add an extraordinary delicacy in food to make it delicious. Moreover, Indian community is famous for their hospitality as they serve their guests as God. Indian restaurants in Melbourne serves best dishes by Chef’s who have expertise in preparing the authentic Indian cuisine in traditional style. Prominent Indian magazines in Melbourne have listed up few best authentic Indian restaurants in Melbourne serving best of their authentic Indian cuisine by their experienced chefs


  • Crossways Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant: A simple yet hygienic restaurant which serves meals in a no-frills locale. The owner the Hare Krishna group maintains the authenticity of food and makes it available to the customer in a gracious way.



  • Le Taj Restaurant & Lounge:A relaxing place which offers dine in even as take away facility to their customers. They offer superb culinary skills and are well known for serving classic curries and tandoor items.

lal taj


  • Delhi Rocks:A Dhaba style atmosphere where you can taste traditional dishes. Their prices are jaw dropping and their staff provides utmost attention to the customers. People who have dined here did like their tea the most. They offer to dine in services, even as take away facility. They offer buffet system as well.

delhi rocks


  • Nirankar Restaurant:A warm and modern place where Indianas well as Nepali cuisine is served in a familiar way. They have all the classic dishes to serve.



  • Curry Vault Indian Restaurant & Bar:A well-known homely dining with simple décor and down lights, which serves Indian Madras cuisine especially Masala Dosa and korma.

curry valut


  • Tonka:A busy and contemporary designed restaurant with art installation ceiling. They are considered best for serving upmarket Indian cuisine in variety.


  • Shiraaz Fine Indian Cuisine:An elegant and modern style restaurant, well distinguished for serving curries and tandoori meat.

Shiraaz Fine Indian Cuisine


  • Gourmet Curry Hut Indian Cuisine:A local standby restaurant which serves Indian classic dishes on a quick pace.

Gourmet Curry Hut Indian Cuisine


  • Red Pepper Indian Restaurant & Bar:A combination of sophistication and dynamic ambiance where delicious food is served by dynamic staff at a quick pace. Their creamy spicy curries are yummy.

Red Pepper Indian Restaurant & Bar


  • Gaylord Indian Restaurant:A familiar classic curry house with tandoori clay oven for serving traditional dishes.

Gaylord Indian Restaurant


  • Flora Indian Restaurant:A classic counter service for families with the basic seating arrangement. They offer delicious food at an affordable price. Their specialty is North and South Indian cuisine.

Flora Indian Restaurant


Authentic Indian cuisine served in an Indian restaurant in Australia is available in wide in variety and major portions of Australia.  All dishes are delicious and yummy and the hospitality is definitely warm which will bring a smile on your face every time when you dine with them. So, try Indian spiceand curry this weekend!!